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Electrical Installation, Repair & Upgrades

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Electricity Makes Our Lives Easier, Safer And Comfortable

Today we expect more from our home’s electrical system than ever before to make life easier, convenient and more enjoyable. As the number of appliances and electronics in the home continues to grow, so does the need for electricity to power those devices. Your home’s electrical system is complex, and sooner or later you’ll need repairs, service or upgrades to keep up with demand.

To make those repairs and upgrades you can trust the electricians at Hickey Electric, Generators, Heating & Air. They have the skills, training and experience to make any repair you need. From something as simple as replacing a worn switch or outlet and electrical trouble shooting . . . to service panel upgrades, installing GFCI circuits and outdoor lighting for safety and security . . . our electricians can do it all.

Best of all, with Up Front Pricing, the price we quote before the job starts is exactly the price you pay when the job is completed to our high standards and your complete satisfaction.