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USB Receptacles

USB Receptacles – Install or Replace

Update your home with USB receptacles. These wall outlets are designed with USB sockets built in, providing an easy and direct way to charge your electronic devices.

USB outlets offer a modern charging option. Conveniently plug your phone, tablet and other portable devices directly into the outlet. Say goodbye to bulky adapters and get the most out of your outlets by installing USB receptacles.

There are several different options available when considering which USB receptacle to install in your home.

Duplex receptacles keep the standard three pronged sockets and add two USB ports to the sides of the outlet. Single receptacles have one standard plug in and replace the second with USB charging ports. The final option is to install a complete USB receptacle with four total USB outlets.

Hickey Plumbing, Air & Electrical technicians are able to replace existing outlets or install brand new outlets. Contact us today and upgrade your home with USB receptacles.