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Indoor Air Quality is important for your health and comfort. Our expert technicians can install a whole house air cleaning strategy to control dust, germs and odors naturally.

Dust mites, viruses and bacteria, molds, pollen and contaminants can make you and your family sick when you can't even see these things in the air to know they exist.  

You can take action now: 

  • CONTROL the allergens that cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks

  • CONTROL and deactivate organisms such as germs, mold spores, bacteria and viruses

  • CONTROL the noxious odors created by people, pets, smoke, solvents, carpets and vinyl coverings

  • CONTROL the toxins created by pressed-wood products and other materials that cause human ailments

Your heating and cooling system circulates 1.5 million cubic feet of air per day. Use it as the conduit with synergistic products that have the power to capture and kill germs and deodorize, refresh and rejuvenate your indoor air environment while keeping your heating and cooling system clean and running at peak efficiency.

This will also help extend the life of your a/c & furnace while you enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher and healthier air!

Ask us about Pristine Air high output germicidal lamps which kill or deactivate airborne viruses, bacteria and germs which travel through your HVAC system and recirculate through your home. This germicidal technology is used throughout hospitals and other healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of viruses and germs.

Ask about our special $100 discount if you mention where you saw this posted. Click to our YouTube channel for a video or two with more details. 

What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Us...

  • "From the moment I called the office to the moment the representative appeared it was excellent service. I want to thank all the staff at Hickey. Daniel was well prepared and solved the problem in minutes. I have depended on Hickey for years and will continue with them for many more to come."
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